Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/3 & 9/4 - What a difference a day makes...and time, too.

9/3 - Went out at Noon. Had three people aboard that couldn't leave till then. I didn't really think much of it.

But "Mother Nature" had different plans.

I caught about 30 "hawg leg" Mullet at the dock when I got there. A whole school sat milling around in the corner of "our" new docks in Mayport. So I grabbed the Pogie Net and gotcha!!
Tossed them in the livewell, and some in the cooler.

I tried it all. Cut mullet, live mullet, as my crew dropped dead shrimp down just for fun. They caught Jacks, but that was about it. I fished those live Mullet and was prepared for a Tarpon or a Blacktip (shark) to nail them.

We did have one bit in half, and did catch a Nurse Shark on a live one on the bottom but no matter what I did. The Jetties were kickin my azz! Wind one way, current going another. Even had my anchor getting stuck and had to work my magic to get it out of the cables that are over in the sand south of the south Jetty tip.

The S.E. seabreeze was really blowing. One hateful thing that many times happens in the afternoon.
And reason I leave at 7am.

We ended up fishing the river on the rising tide up by Whiteshell fish rocks and had ZERO bites.
Just Katfish nibbles on cut Mullet.

NOT GOOD!  So we called it and early day and headed in.


9/4 - departing promptly at 7am, I had a crew of four. I had a whole pile of dead "hawg leg" Mullet in the cooler, still.

And we headed straight for the Shrimp boats. And I'm glad we did.

It was NOT slick calm, the sea breeze the day before and during the night had the Ocean with some serious roll to it. (I DON'T WANT IT SLICK CALM)

(5-6) - ONE HUNDRED POUND BLACKTIP/SPINNER SHARKS, later and some rain, and a storm going north up the coast as we fished about a mile out, had my crew WOW'd!

Almost all the Sharks "jumped" and a few were serious "spinner sharks". And one even ran out damn close to 300 yards of line and then STRAIGHTENED OUT a 10/0 Mustad hook!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN, what the hell was that??

Here's a caption for this photo:  (below)

"Ya think three on one rod is enough??"   hahahahaha...

I was a "tad" busy, but did get this one freaking out at boat side.

After the seas got quite nasty and the rollers started folding over and everyone git their arm sockets straightened out. We slow peddled our way back in, and headed down river.

THE REDBASS SPAWN HAS STARTED,,,,the Male Reds are "milking" up the deck of the Jettywolf, and have been for about the last two weeks. Today, they made a real mess. But as soon as that falling tide got right.

It was GAME-ON! 6 Redbass from 22 pounds to 27 pounds. All MALES.

My crew today did really good.....bringing in approx 750 pounds of Ocean & River brusiers.  It was a very exciting trip even, for yours truly.

We avoided a storm, worked our way thru the sloppy seas, and worked on the big Redbass nice and patiently. Hit the dock and everyone was tired, and talking about what a day it was.


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