Saturday, October 18, 2014

10/18- JETTYWOLF "MOBIUS" MOMENT at Strike Zone's Tent Sale

Video per my, Mobius Action Cam

Just a goofin' around Video.
Aptly called......a "Jettywolf Moment"

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So, ya say to your self.....Self, that sure is some fine looking video. And I notice Capt Dave seems to put this pic at the end of a few of his "Jettywolf Moment" video's, whats up wit dat?

Well, for the minds that have to know. I'll tell ya.

It's the best damn MICRO Action Cam around!  No, it's not a GoPro. But damn close if not even better at some things.

Here she be.

This tiny camera is smaller than a box of Tic-Tacs!  Does perfect 1080p High Def video at 30 frames a second or 720p video at 60 frames per second. And takes still photo's too.

The audio is superb, for it's size. and that tiny video cam fit's into that little cradle, and that tripod brass female end snaps into the cradle that has strap holes.

But it gets EVEN better!  Because you can order from England a tiny water-proof case for the camera also!  PERFECT for the avid angler /Video bug, like ME!

Adding the Mobius to my Camera case full of GoPro Hero 2's has been nothing but fantastic. It's easy to use, set up and "hang around my neck on a lanyard" for just those moments I want to throw something up on my Youtube channel.

Here's more info about this Little Wonder:

Best Reviewer, "Techmoan":

Water-proof case review  "Techmoan" :

Water Proof case at JooVuu in England:  (8 days is all it took from when it was shipped to get to me all the way accross the pond!)

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