Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/21 - MOBIUS ACTION CAM; a perfect Fisherman camera


Eddie Coffell said...

Capt Dave I was wondering how the möbius was holding up for ya? I watch all of your videos and I've been thinking seriously about getting the little camera for my own self. How long have you had it and how many times have you used it? I went on the Mobius website and seeing all of their videos for the price it seems like an amazing little camera.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

for months and it's awesome. So much I bought a 2nd one! www.mobius-actioncam.com is the USA folks. Guy named Vince. Super nice fella. I have the waterproof case by JuuVoo - which now has a USA based website: http://joovuu.com/us/ It's sooo sweet, If I'm doing a simple quick video, I go for my Mobius! You can also find them on Ebay, I've used it probably 30 times. Search Youtube for the most info. TECHMOAN on Youtube is the "super-man" of inexpensive dash & action cams. He turned me on to them.