Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/22 - FISHING HAT CAM; Jacksonville Jetty Fishing

By the way......LOOK AT US! For everyone who thought it was too hot this summer, for feeeshin'.
Well, it isn't now!

It's GO-TIME folks.

(we both had on Long Sleeved Shirts!) because it was cool in the morning and we ended up not even taking them off all day long.

So, no reason to say it's not feeeshin' time now.

Ya know....most calls or even e-mails I get everyone thinks fishing has rules.
They want to know exactly what species, how and when. Hell, let me tell ya a secret....
"even when I go with a friend. It's go with the flow." Of course we wanted nothing but Trout and keeper Redfish today.

Wanted light winds, and huge perfect live shrimp, and no wind. But, did we get all that.
No. But as a "Jetty Guide", I fly by my gut. People who have fished with me for years and years already know that.

That's big water out there. Every single day is different. And consistency is a luxury at the Mayport Jetties (St. Johns River Inlet)

See here in this video how low tech, jig-n-shrimp fishing proved successful and just
plain F-U-N.

The Trout will eventually show....Last year it was November. October isn't the time any longer. Blame it on Climate Change.

Each day? Is different from the next.

If you want to go fishing, have fun, and learn a few tricks and tips.

Call me.

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