Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18 - Pouring my own SLABS, cuz they WORK!

I'm not a "flats fisherman", show me a "flat" any where near where I fish. And I'll give you a box of 1/8th ounce jigheads!

The Mayport Jetties, and the St. Johns River is a unforgiving place, with too much current and depth. So over the years, trying to maintain a "LIGHT TACKLE" attitude, versus just chunking heavy lead to the bottom and starring at our rod tips.

I've searched for other ways....and here's my newest find.

If you've see some of my latest video's:

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You'll see us playing with the idea of something much heavier, so to get on the bottom. Versus, using a standard "jighead", that by the time a jighead gets over a 1/2 ounce, the hooks become way to large for my liking, and a jighead doesn't provide and action or wobble. So stealing from the Freshwater world, of vertical jigging for Stripers, Bass, and Walleyes. The idea for the SLAB SPOONS on the Jettywolf was R&D'd extensively and is on going still.

So now, I'm ready to try and make my own SLABS

-Got the lead....check
-Got the pour pot....check
-Got the molds....check
-Got the wire forms.....check
-Got the decals.....check
-Got the paint....check

Video coming soon about production of such SLABS. That catch fish and are so simple.

I likes that!