Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18 - SLAB SPOONS; for Jacksonville Fishing

Since I've been using these, and really like how they work, while using some I got on Ebay. I also decided to be prepared to make my own.

It took quite awhile to gather all the bits and pieces. So today was the 1st day of pouring some Slab Spoons.

Next, is painting them? Decal them? I'll play with that next and show you what I came up with.
I know mine won't look like the Pro's that make them for mass sale. But, even the most basic flash, or color will work.

It's a lead lure, yes. But really, for my purposes it's more like a very heavy Jighead, that I can add my own hook style and size. That also provides some serious fluttering when jigged in deep swift water, here in the St. Johns River and at the Mayport Jetties.

Add, a piece of FISHBITES, a strip of belly off a small fish, or even a shrimp. To add some scent as an added attraction, in our deep dark, brown waters.

Next video:  Some R&D on a few finished products.

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