Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/31 - call him, 'Gator' Sears!

Jus' call him 'Gator'.....

Had Donnie Sears and his son Trey aboard the Jettywolf today. Departing at 8am, we had a whole day of FULL MOON falling tide to work. So, 1st stop was a "creeky" kinda spot. Shallow, in the marsh grass. 1st drift of the Float Rig, BAM....Trout number one.

I.G. - instantaneous gratification!
sort of.
The Trout was a 14 incher.

The guys caught 6 or 8, with one keeper out of the bunch. So it was time to leave the nursery alone and move.

Of course being a Saturday, I go to where I wanna fish, and there's a boat there. But I can tell, they ain't fishing the spot right. B.S. Popping corks, in hand. I figure they won't catch much, I'll come back when they leave.  I no sooner try a couple creek mouths in the ICW, and YEP, they leave!!

It's funny how you can easily become a 'fishing profiler' over time. Just one glance. is all it takes sometimes.

So I move in for the kill. We bait up, pitch the float-rigs to get the perfect drift and start catching Trout. Then, here comes big Momma!

The guys had 2-3 pup Redbass. and the bite slows so we adjust. "I move 40 feet".
The current is still hauling, and they guys get some small 14 inchers. So we bait up the bottom rods and drop out some shrimp on the bottom waiting for the tide to slow down.

Not a single sniff, nibble, nothing on the bottom.

As the tide slowed we pick the float-rigs back up, a few more small trout, get caught......"Okay, time to change zip codes."

I make a quick run to a low tide spot. Of course someone is almost sitting on it. So I squeeze in, and we set up to float-rig fish the spot.

I few more throw-back 14" Trout. Then, a Keeper, finally. The wind blows might cold and then Donnie gets a nice sweetheart fattie 21 incher, just before the tide goes slack.

Time to head in, and make the donuts, aka: Clean the fish. I think we had only a total of 6 keepers up to 5 pounds, and 2-3 small pup reds. And two days ago, we had ONE keeper, and 25 throw-backs and a few weakfish and a Flounder.

There's no rhyme or reason to the Trout fishing lately. And every time I fish the Mayport Jetties, I'm disappointed.


The fish are in the creeks, big time. Especially, the Redbass and even Black Drum. If you can get back behind the furthest back creek, and find a hole or a dark flat spot. You'll find the Redbass stacked up. But, I can't traverse a foot of water......2 feet maybe. So yeah, I'm putting a "creek plan together", myself, in a 26' boat!

Had to do that a few years ago. Don't know if the water's that cold, or colder then any other year? Certainly doesn't seem to be.  But I did it then, guess I'll try now too, for Redbass and Drum, catches.


Big Fish of the day.......28 inch Redbass with tail pinched. 27" Legal fish without.

The cooler had enough for one nice dinner afterwards.
Trout , Yellowmouth (weakfish) & Flounder.

Get your "SPRING BREAK" charters booked NOW!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27 - Was "fact" in Sept. still fact now in January

(video produced in Sept 2014 to educate)
FISHING GUIDE'S TIP; AND EVERY SINGLE MORNING RITUAL (the reason, I know the Marine Forecast. And don't care about the Land Lover forecast)

Monday, January 26, 2015


January is almost over, and it's what I call the "deep winter", here in Jacksonville. But deep winter is not a bad word, as it maybe in the North.            

The big difference between the first of November and the first of February is how many days between the fronts.

Cold, yeah it's not always balmy. But it's not even c-o-l-d, to the average visitor. And when it is cold, it doesn't last long. That's a good thing.

I love this time of year for many reasons; Electric bills now are $45 versus $145 in the summer at my house. But on the water, it's all about "targetable species".

When the local water's are 80 degrees. It's easy to say, "let's target Speckled Trout". But in reality, you may catch some Trout, but you'll also catch Jacks, Ladyfish, Pinfish, Bluefish, Croakers, stingrays...yeah the list of undesirables is long!  But from Thanksgiving on, (usually) we can target a species and that's what you'll catch, with minimum others, stealing our baits. And the water temps that make this happen are anywhere from 64 to 58 degrees.


I have for a long time wanted a TUB to run freshwater through my outboard. My Suzuki 250 has a lower unit that has "low water pick-ups". Along with the regular intakes on the sides of the lower unit.
So that means when using regular "muffs" to run out the engine with fresh water, you have to try and cover the front low water pick-ups. And they suggest....Duct Tape!

Well, I've tried that and it doesn't really work all that well.

So, I finally got off my ass, went on to Amazon and ordered what I've been wanting for a long time.

 A Rubbermaid commercial watering trough!
70 gallons worth. And my lower unit of my Suzuki 250 fits perfectly well, in it.

I fill it up with water, add some "salt-away", and start up the motor and let her chug in the fresh water bath.

I'll do this once a week at least no matter how busy I am.

Of course in between, I can flush the motor with out it running with just a hose, thru the built in fresh water flush ports (2).


I've been surfing a lot of Youtube lately. And with the usage of my "Slab Spoons" inshore, tipped with a shrimp or a patch of FISHBITES. I have a re-newed interest in Vertical jig fishing.

Vertical jig fishing really doesn't work inshore, because your jig is NEVER vertical, in all the current we have to deal with.

But offshore, is where it is done. Butterfly jigging, speed jigging, vertical jigging, is all the same really. But since I have hundreds of light chrome plated flat jigs. I wondered if they could be used over a ledge or wreck offshore. And what I found was super cool stuff.

MICRO-JIGGING! Using small light weight slab shaped metal jigs, on light line, with small reels, and ultra light rods. Hence, Micro-jigging!  Leave it to the Japanese, Malaysians, Taiwanese, to come up with even a more exciting way of "jigging".

I'm talking small reels, and the rods are so light they look like a pencil with a reel seat on it, but they bow over like a car's radio antenna. 20 lb. Braided line, and jigs that max out at 2 ounces.

They've even found that a slow jigging speed, versus the fast paced speed jigging is effective in shallow waters.

Hmmmmm, sounds like ME!

I have a reel to use; a Shimano Curado 300 EJ with a power handle and high speed gearing. I have 20 pound super thin braided line. I have handfuls of thin 1/2 to 2 ounce metal jigs. All I needed was a extra light Micro jigging shallow water rod.

Well, I went on to Ebay (as I usually do) and got myself a super deal on a matching XXLight Shimano shallow water (under 100 feet) jigging rod.

Oh this ought to be fun this spring....!!!!
With either a 3/4 ounce chrome butterfish jig
Or even a buck-tail,

"IF", fuel prices stay down.
I'll find myself playing around on the near shore reefs with XTRA light tackle. Just for the fun of it.

Even though being a fishing guide is my J-O-B, I still have challenges I'd like to try. And still love getting into something different from time to time.

And ought to make for some great VIDEO'S!

Friday, January 23, 2015


THE "NEW MOON" IS "OVER", so why the hell is the Tides so damn wacko?
The high rising tide Flooded areas. But to take the cake, the falling tide was un-fishable in the Intra-Coastal waterway in 23' of water because 8 OUNCE sinkers wouldn't hold the bottom!

When 8 ounces sinkers become planers in the current, that's when ......


In the morning with Sergei and his dad visiting from Russia they had at least 20 Speckled Trout, to get (8) keepers up to 19" while float-rig fishing live shrimp and because of the mega flood tide I made it up into a creek where we caught more throw-backs and two keeper Flounder.

Good thing was NO WIND, if we had 20 knots on top of this the day would have gone a whole lot different, thats for sure.

Never went to the Jetties. Didn't hear any great things. I tried to stay where the water temp. was warmer, and in the ICW, it was. Barely.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Sad Fishing Moment; "It's gotta be the FISHING SPOT"

Can't do the same video's I have been doing.....Because "Willy Weekender" is getting in the way of me actually making a "living" and unfortunately I can't go park my ass on their desk or sit my ass where they work.

Like many other fishing guides I see on Youtube, they have to do Video's a different way. And all this is a shame. Because my work yard is also someone elses "play ground." Nature of the line of work.

So, this is the Jettywolf Moment that I am using to let everyone know. 

*****Video's are gonna change. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/10 - Jacksonville Fishing; DEEP winter Speckled Trout

"We ain't Skeeeeeered!"

It was really cold, the wind blew hard, but my crew was tough, ready, and able. Even Paul the "Flip-Flop fisherman". Banged out at least 30 or more Trout, boxed 14 to 4 pounds. Float-rig fishing. LIVE shrimps. C'C'mon...YES..."deep winter" is TROUT TIME!

DEEP WINTER - COLD FRONT - TROUTZ always at: - since 1996 your full-time Guide/Charter boat, departing from Mayport. (advanced reservations with deposit required 8am-8pm Monday -Sunday "365", via email or phone. DON'T bother texting me!!!!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/6 - Jacksonville's Fishing doesn't stop because it's January

DON'T BE SKEEERED....we fish 12 months a year, 7 days a week. Even Holidays!
Join me on the Jettywolf, Family Friendly Charter boat ready for your family fishing adventure.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1/4/2015 - Full moon, heavy current, and wind honkin'



Had Barry V. and two boys today from Tenn. Kinda a short notice deal, but heck I enjoy a challenge.
If you don't, then ya better move and stop fishing N.E. Florida!

As with all my Full and New Moon charter trips which seem to be many. I said, "Lets not go early, let's try 10am." With the high tide at 8am, I knew 10am wasn't late enough for that tide to be down much, but I had to figure it's dark at 5:30. So....we gotta put up with some of it.  The reason people hire a guide, is because they don't know anything about tides and all we go through around here.

So as we depart at 10am...."damn that water's still HIGH!". And as we head down river, "Damn that wind is blowin!" vs. 
So I go through my rolodex in my head and try and match up wind direction vs. tide vs. can we actually catch a decent fish?

I come up with ONE SPOT.  The tide is soooo wrong for this spot. But I have nothing else. So we try it.

NO TROUT....jus' Croakers and Mangrove Snappers. But at least it's "Bites".

The boys put a decent amount of Croakers in the fish box, and I can just feel that if a big Trout was gonna bite it would have already happened. So we leave.  Next spot, a "nursery Trout spot", I know that going in....and what do the boys catch?  Small Trout!  The 1st one is a mere 11-12 inches, with the largest about 14-1/2".


Hey, but at least we're getting some bites. We could always do worse.

Then, the tide slows and I make a move. A real good one. First shrimp out on the float-rig...


The guys continue....

Hmmmmm, "we have a HOT ROD fisherman here!"

It's only a "pup redfish", but at least it's variety.

NEXT... "Dad" Barry puts one in the box. Along with a few "shorts".

Then, another Box fish.

Mean while the fish box is looking much better....

They didn't keep any fish. My crew got off the Jettywolf and were heading straight back to Tenn.
So I was the recipient of the fish at the end of the day and I cleaned up a box of nice trout, , the Croakers and Mangrove Snappers. Had enough to take some over to Mom, since she constantly asks if my customers took their fish or not, and she was super happy! And I still had enough for a large fish fry for myself.

Thanks to a great group of fisherman, that were patient and easy to have aboard. I enjoyed it, too.

So this goes to show ya everything I've ever said about Full or New Moon wacko tides. And that is, "Go when it's low", and save all that Super High Tide for the fly flingers looking for "tailing Redfish in the submerged marsh grass", because if you're a "float-rig fishing machine" it's only good, when the tide slows and goes L-O-W.

It's not about tide height as much as current Velocity. When the two get right, it can be a great day, even on a Wacko Moon day.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

12/3 - Isn't this what you're supposed to do?

If you're a Blogger or even better a Face Book Head (a FBH) then this is almost mandatory or you won't get "likes" or your friends may have wondered what the hell you're up to in the last hour since you posted last. And even so-called Business' use Face book pages as their websites. (personally, that means you're a cheap ass in my book)

Okay, enough bull-sittin' around here ya go:





SO, IS THIS A WORTHY FACE BOOK POST, ALSO...I'm trying to act as "kiddy" as I can.

please "LIKE"
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1/3 - A Jettywolf Moment; CROAKER SLABBIN'

They SLAM a SLAB.....took no bait, so I was limited.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

1/1/2015 - A Jettywolf Moment; New Years Day Tradition


Now, let's go fishin' in 2015.......It's time to whack some fatties!

12/30 - Jacksonville's SPECKLED TROUT; the perfect fish!

NO MATTER WHAT.....Dennis kept this tormented fishing guide in check with his laughs and his fishing experiences. Frustration, yes. FUN......still YES!

I keep forgetting, it's not always about the size of the fish, or how many. It's the experience with the outdoors and the people with you.

You should be as lucky to fish with a guy like Dennis for two days straight.