Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/10 - SPRING "GATOR" SEATROUT; with Capt Dave

Had the Shuptrine Brothers aboard the Jettywolf for some serious T-REX Trout fishing.
It's been one of my tougher weeks I've ever had. Don't know why. I've had trips where we worked our tails off for damn near nothing.

Then, all of a sudden on Tuesday it was like BLAST OFF on sweetheart Jetty Trout. I never saw it coming. Just had a gut feeling to try out there again.

And talk about two great guys to have aboard.
Damn we had FUN!

Call Capt Dave 8am-8pm and reserve "in advance" your two person Light tackle charter.
YES, two persons is the best day, most quality day, for sure!

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