Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/2 - Jacksonville Fishing; "FOGGY JETTY TROUT"

Hit the river with a float freak......ANDY. The bearded fella. 100% FLOAT FREAK and good at it.
Left late, around 9:30 and fished the last of the falling tide in the river and it was D-U-L-L
catching a too many "shorts". So we then hit the jetties, and waited, and waited and waited some more for the tide to turn, and then as usual it was a higher water bite.

No Reds, No Sheeps, No 3" Seabass, nothing except SPECKS.
(The perfect fish)

Would have been nice to have some diversity. But I was glad we got into what we came for.
Targeted species, at least.

There's sooo many "dink" trout around. That ya gotta take a butt load of live shrimp, so when you do find the nice keepers, you still have enough bait.

SUPER PLEASURE to have such a "float freak" like my new friend Andy aboard the Jettywolf.

I love getting float freaky....."Do You?"

Then, C'C'mon and book your March date. (they are gonna get bigger and badder you can bet on that.)

It's all about jus' having fun.

I'll teach ya the "Trout catchin' chicken wing flapping dance". It's all the rage.