Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/24 - What the Moon & Wind can do for you.

No photos, No Video, just the written word for today.

So what can the Moon and the wind do for you??????

Screw you like you haven't been screwed in years, that's what!

Today we had NE winds on top of a tide so weak that there was no "Noticeable"  tide flow for up to 4 hours after the statistical tide change.

The tide has to move, right?  Well I'm sure it was, but hell if you could find a spot at the Mayport Jetties where there was some serious movement, add in the 15+ knot NE winds and that meant for the first 4 hrs of the day with Steve and son Chris, it was like we were being the brunt of a bad joke.

ZIP CODE bad as I hate to leave my boats name sake and run for miles the other direction I did it, only to go to 2 spots that also had no tide. aka: water movement.

Spot number three, and finally I found water moving from more than just the wind....

I.G. - instantaneous Gratification

First float with live shrimp pitched by me behind the boat, and it went down. SPECKLED TROUT
15". And in the box it went!

For the next 2 hrs Steve and Chris caught a dozen Specks and only one Bluefish. Not monsters, but between the St. Johns River average; 14-16" boxing about 10 of them.

I hesitated to even use the words I.G. because prior to that float going down with a Trout, the whole morning was one 8" Flounder and two 20" Bonnethead Sharks. Over four hours prior.....!

I  can't imagine a place harder to fish in the state of Florida sometimes, than right here in my back yard. If there is one, I'd like to know about it. So I can avoid it like the Plague!

Heading out in the next hour for Saturday's instructional Float-rig fishing charter with Victor, and then Sunday Fun Day with Father and Son.

I'm prepared for.........What the Moon & Wind can do for ME.