Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/25 - Last day of Float-rigging

Had Vic M. aboard the jettywolf today and the forecast was for rain, rain, rain and a south wind.
Well we saw neither.
The winds all morning were what seemed to me as DUE EAST!

Vic called me and said he loves Trout, eating Trout. And wanted to learn more about catching them.
I told him, "I can teach you all about Float-rig fishing, It catches Trout and everything else that eats LIVE Shrimp."

So today we headed out. I wasn't about to go through what I went through at the Jetties yesterday and plus in all reality there's no Trout there anyhow, barely has been this whole year!  So we headed up river and fished every single Trout spot I have in a area that I can just hop from spot to spot.

The wind was blowing straight up the stern of the boat as we laid on anchor, so No this wasn't a south wind at all.

We caught a few Trout here and there and many spots didn't even yield a bite. About 10 Trout, mostly small ones, a Flounder and a pup red, and several good sized Jacks and ladyfish is what the day consisted of. Basically, a average spring "where are the big Trout" day.  I can say that because I remember back when this time of year I'd be catching so many nice Trout in the same area, that it's only now a distant memory.

I always "squeek" Float-rig fishing out for as long as I can. Then comes a day when it's time to pack in the float-rig rods and do something else for the rest of the spring/summer.

Well, I think today was that day. Not that we didn't have fun, but I know Vic expected more. But I couldn't squeeze blood from a turnip, either.

Want great Trout fishing, go in the deep winter months. That's the best we have, or at least when I do my very best.

Now, it'll be "slab spoon jigging" for fun fish. Bottom fishing for any Studs such as over -sized Redbass, Sharks and the like.

Vic never caught a Jack before, and never caught a Ladyfish, either. So he got yanked on pretty good and decided he liked the fight of the smaller Trout better. Vic wasn't a youngster. I could see he liked the kick-back let the float drift kinda fishing. Just wish we had more Trout and bigger.

Next up...... Bottom fishing
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