Monday, April 6, 2015


4/6/2015 - BAIT R-E-P-O-R-T

ICW south of St. Johns River today. 1st Jack caught and wasn't a 6 incher, but rather a 3 pounder! 
2nd time in a few years we've caught the 1st Jack of the year in the same spot in the ICW.

(note: other years were more like MARCH 6th, rather than APRIL 6th..........LATE???)

Of course the bonnetheads are at the jetties and Nassau Sound, also.

BAIT:  MULLET SCHOOLS all over the banks getting busted by hungry schools of Jacks. I'm talking massive schools. Not seen like this in a long time. Perfect 3 inch Mullet.
BUT never seen them till LOW tide. Also seen schools of bait already in Mill Cove!
Guess the Spanish & Ladies, are next up. Haven't seen the Spanish yet. Last two few days has been heinous EAST winds so I have not been to the jetties.
I suppose the Mullet and Jacks took the "inland route" coming north. Into the ICW, because I never saw a single Mullet at the jetties.


("Jettywolf Moment" video coming soon)

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