Saturday, June 27, 2015

6/27 - Kids,Kids,Kids......(and more Kids)

the last tree trips I've had Kids, out fishing. And I put them on the Sharks!  Crazy Instantaneous Gratification.

Yesterday I had two boys, their little sister, and Mom from Texas.  3 seconds after lines were in the water we already had a Shark hooked up!

Went for about 4 (smaller) Sharpnoses, but did have one giant Blacktip hooked up that smoked 200 yards off my big reels in a matter of seconds.

The two brothers were great fisherman, with lots of experience. As they were Texas Redfish and Trout, Kayakers, they told me.

They even fished the pogie pods off the beach on top of rented Yaks,, down in Ponte Verdre  Beach.

Unfortunately, we had the biggest  Blacktip come up-pinned from the hook after a huge long run.

We also bottom fished and had catfish, whiting and blue runners, before calling it a half day.

Absolute pleasure to have aboard.

So from my 2 hr Kids trip to a regular 6 hr day. Call me to consult about what trip best fits your needs and age group.

904-643-9546  8am-8pm EASTERN TIME PLEASE.

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