Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/28 - Right On Time

Did yet another 2 HOUR KIDS TRIP trip today. And I can honestly say. T-O-D-A-Y, was the first day that we got into the Croakers at the Jetties with a vengeance.  NO, they're not huge. But, I love having them out there so I can put these little kids on them.

PLUS, I like having them there, because I like to stop in early in the morning, catch a dozen or two, put them in the Live-well and it's game on for just about anything.  Drift fish them for Kings and Cuda's, pitch them behind a Shrimp boat, better cut bait when bottom fishing for a Bull Redbass, whole live at the jetties for massive Shark attacks.

Believe it or not, I am like a bird waiting on a insect hatch. I look forward to the Croaker arrival at the Mayport jetties.

It's right on time's usually; Last week of June, First week of July, every year!

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