Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/23 - Sure glad I had a "stash"

Of bait readily accessible today. In less than 24 hrs. The Pogies moved and it was all "hush-hush" were they went.

So, I wasted and good amount of fuel and time, against my better judgement, looking for a batch, so I could at least renew the "stash" of dead ones I kept from yesterday and put in my cooler.

Well, those Bull Redfish ate the dead Pogies as well if not better than the live ones.

They're chewin' just good enough to make it interesting, on the spot I'm fishing. But it's not a full bore mega-spawn congregation, just yet,

Also had just one Jack Crevalle jig fishing this morning. And as usual, lost a few bull Redfish, too.

Oh well may have to supplement the "stash" with Croakers. Cut bait or alive.

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