Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/25 - Big Red slow down & drift up a attack!

BAIT, always a problem when not using just bait shop bought Live Shrimp. Had some stash of Pogies barely left in a bag in the cooler. So we went hunting, this morning.

First, Mullet....yep, caught 5 larger ones, that was it.
Stop over at the Croaker spot, and we filled the live bait well with some, to use as bait later.

Catching Croakers is FUN, and EZ, compared to running the beach for Pogies when Pogies are "here today, gone tomorrow."  

Had to time the tide as I have been doing, and when the moons aligned with Venus the rods bowed over!  (But today we had a nuisance.....big sail Cats.)

So after the Bull Reds, we headed to the inlet....."ahh, the Mayport Jetties!!"

No sooner we got out there, and I spied huge marks on my sounder. I told Mike, "these are SHARKS! Do you wanna try for one?"

He said, "yeah lets try it.and if we get one and it bites us off or what ever no biggy."

So I tossed out a live Croaker, N-O-T on a usual shark rig, but just on the Redfish rig we were using earlier.  We made some drifts on the rising tide, in the clean green water where the marks on my sounder were.

Croaker number one ...... plucked right off the hook with just a quick bend of the rod.

Croaker number two......Slam dunked! Rod bowed in the shape of a horse shoe, drag smoked, and about 50 yards away a leap, spin, and a huge splash. And I even saw the 8 ounce sinker go flying thru the air. 

The leader was broke right off the rig. But the rest was intact. 

"Okay, so that's what the sharks do.", I told Mike and his wife.

We came, we saw, and since it was getting late, we headed back to the dock.  Of course, if I had changed rigs to my 400 pound Shark leaders, we would have possibly been on a hour and a half battle. But that's not what we wanted. Mike just wanted a show and tell...and he got it.

They are out there folks, and almost any tackle may not be big enough!

Accept, I have tackle for them.

And if you have the SALT....I'm always up for it.