Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10/12 - Jacksonville fishing charters; Mayport Jetty Fall Fishing

Done with my tiny Mobius camera on it's hat clip mount.

A lot of fish action was not captured due to the limited battery power.....but, ya'll get the "jist" of what you are missing, RIGHT?

Truely, the best charter days are just two persons. I'm not a "inshore party boat". (photo represents the kind of fishing boat charter some only know of. "referred to as not all that quality and dirt cheap) 

But really would like to go quality over quantity of people I can take, "and charge for".

Days like this one ran me ragged and I only had two guys that "know" how to fish aboard.
The action was fast at times and nothing comes easy at the Mayport jetties.

From anchoring, to knowing how to hit the bottom and stay there in the river's current, with heavy sinkers. To battling BIG FISH. If you are new to it all. Be ready to be challenged!  Especially if "bottom fishing is involved".

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