Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16 - 24 hours later....DEAD

Had a father and son aboard today. Just 24 hours later after the way-lay we had yesterday on mega Trout. Went to the same areas, did exactly the same thing and it was DEAD!

Yeah we picked up a few pup reds and some really small trout. But there was a H-U-G-E difference.


It was another "bluebird" day. And we never even saw the EAST 10-15 kt winds till damn near noon. And it never was very cool. Just yet another 80 degree day.

The difference was yesterday was PERFECTION. Overcast, windy, cool, and looked like it might rain all day long.  Yep, it looked and felt like, W-I-N-T-E-R!!!

And I'm sure there was a massive barometer switch too. Which is never a good thing.

So being rigidity flexible I pulled up stakes from where we were and hot a rock pile in the river with the rising tide pushing good and hard.

There was some Trout on this spot, but for some reason not many my guys could catch. But I showed them, because I had damn near 3 in a row!  Finally they each put a Trout in the box, plus we tossed a few shorts back in the water that they caught, and headed back after using 7 DOZEN SHRIMP to catch 5 keeper Trout, about 10 shorts, a Mangrove Snapper, 10 shitfish bait stealers, and two pup reds.

After yesterday, this was a big pill to swallow, and it didn't taste good either.

Moral of this story.  WHERE THE HELL IS WINTER??????

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