Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/15 - Video to follow this report:

What a day.  These show only half of it.
Bob & Carol from BAD AXE, Michigan

FIRST 1/2 hour, Specks and nice Yellowmouth Trout on my 5/8ths oz. Slab Spoons

LARGEST FISH ever caught on my 5/8ths oz. Slab Spoons!!!  21 Pound Redbass. Taken patiently by Bob on a light spinning rod and reel (ugly stik, of course)


Carol with a sweetheart 18 incher, live shrimp and cork rig.

Yours truly with a 24" GATOR!

Bob with a 4 & 6 pound.......GATORS!

Carol with her 20 incher...."In da box baby!"

Yours truly, with a sweet 22 incher!

Bob, with one of four Black Drum, to sweeten the fish box, even further.

We had plenty of 15 inchers and loads of 14 inchers. We had action from minute one to the last minute and last shrimp used.

Bob set a record on largest fish ever caught on a slab spoon, we had a box of gator Trout, who could ask for anything more?

NOT ME....

-video to follow, when I get time to put it together.

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