Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/27 - WENT DEAD on us....

Had good ole regular aboard today, "BOB the TRAVELER". Tried the kitchen sink on them, threw the tackle box in the water. Killed 8 dozen live shrimp.....Caught two Trout, one for Bob and one for me that were keepers.

The full moon or something had the fish completely off the "feed bag" for us. Yeah, we caught loads of small fish, but that was it really.

NOTHING compared tp this past week of pure 100% USDA mayhem, which I was getting used too very easily.

Caught the largest Trout of the day while doing R&D on a home made lure from Skip at - who sent me some lures to try.

Got the largest on the Clatterbrat "Jigshad".

Let's see........we float-rig fished, we fished shallow using corks and a shrimp, we threw jig-n-shrimp combo meals, I threw plugs, I threw the Jigshad, we both threw Slab spoons, and Nada!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many small Sand Trout and not even enough Specks and just one pup redbass and two small Black Drum, and we gave it hell all day. While in the river as the coast was hit hard with Small Craft Advisories!   Which will continue till Monday.

So yeah, the Jetties are out for me, and I have charters till Monday.
All I can do is keep plugging on and staying with the river fishing, till I can get out to the rocks and give it a try.  Most people can't take the rough water at the Jetties so I don't even try anymore, when it's questionable.

Hope it turns around to pure mayhem again. That was too much fun.

My favorite TV show host sent me his t-shirt (or actually his wife Julie did) He's too busy catching cooler fulls of TROUT in Louisiana

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