Sunday, November 29, 2015

11/28 - Time for an all out "Float-rig" assault

Today, was about like yesterday..."lots of small fish" from up river. And Mill Cove about as dead as I have ever seen it so far this fall.

What's to blame?  Probably me for trying it again this morning.  It's amazing how the fish can get so stacked up in there and then a few days later, ZIP!

It seems like yesterday to me that I went in there with Bob & Carol and we cleaned house

Plus Reds, Drum and a bunch more Trout.

IF the weather would ever lay down I'm sure the Trout have arrived at the jetties. It usually takes till the day after Thanksgiving when I find them in the area. But I haven't been out at the inlet in so long because I just wasn't up to fighting the 20-25 knot winds with small craft advisories!

ONLY one guy on Facebook told me he caught his limit of jetty trout, as he went on Thanksgiving day. And he had to of fished way inside the North rocks, and I believe that's what he said.

NOT a single other person has shared a report with me.....But then again, I put all this out there almost every day.  (excluding Traveller Bob of course who fished with me on the 27th, he's finding great Trout. But not at the jetties of course.)

From here on out It's gotta be assault time. But it doesn't feel like it being so damn warm!! 

Heading out again on the 29th and even the 30th. And my 2nd Holiday run is over.

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