Friday, January 15, 2016

1/15 - tell them, what you think...I did.

Jim Suber
January 15 at 2:29pm
The City of Jacksonville with the support of the Florida Inland Navigation District is creating a Maritime Management Plan. A Team from the Northeast Florida Regional Council, University of North Florida and Jacksonville University will be gathering information about water access facilities and the needs and desires of the community, so that we have a plan to guide us as we maintain facilities, plan for unmet needs and ensure that the important role that water access plays in our economy and our quality of life remains strong for the long term.
We need your help to get the word out to your friends and neighbors so they can tell us what they think about our waterways. Take the survey! It is at JAXBOATPLAN.COM. That website is also the place to look for information related to the plan and upcoming public meetings.
Your input is important as we prepare for a vibrant future for our waterways and our community. Take the survey, learn more about the plan and how you can get involved at JAXBOATPLAN.COM.
Maritime Management Plan

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