Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2 - From FOG to FOG and in between

Started the morning off with Talon and his dad Jeff, out for Talon's first ever fish, and fishing trip.
One of my 2 hour Kids Trips.

Went and pitched some jigs and caught only my second ever SeaRobin ever, in Florida. "it flew to the boat"

As the tide turned and started to flood on in the river. Went to a high tide spot and they were home! And proceeded to catch my limit and 5 other's (TROUT) on DOA Shrimp (1/4 oz.) and Egret Baits VUDU Mullet.  It was a blast and they were slamming the DOA like the ole days. After the limit was in the cooler, I played with the VuDu Mullet for awhile and they loved it too.

Really, two of my my favorite soft plastics. I love the fact that the DOA shrimp is so easy and ya work it so slow. It was text book. Cast "cross current" and let it sweep right to them, in the current.

NEXT UP: WEDNESDAY with one person before the bad weather comes this weekend.

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