Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/26 - 2 hour KIDS TRIP

It's getting to be that time of year again.  Soon, I won't do a trip without at least one kid on the boat.
But, they need to be at least 10-12.  A younger means a 2 hour kids trip.  Youngsters under 10, go for two, maybe 3 hours max. And the adult(s) aboard need to help their kids.

With that said, I had grandpa and grandma aboard today with 8 year old Daniel.

I was hoping for Croakers, but it was solid Seabass. As we did some simple bottom fishing with Shrimp.

Daniel had the bug and didn't want to quit. But two hours could have been 12 hrs for him. The problem young kids have is, "impatience". And never leaving the rod and reel alone, too fish. We'd always catch more if they'd just leave the tackle alone.

My two hour kids trips, are just a 'taste' of fishing. Not meant to be a trophy fish catching world tour.
Usually done early, because since I only do these trips in the summer time. The problem becomes HEAT, if we leave to late.

2- hours, $200 pre-reserved with a deposit. Max 4 persons.


Before my crew arrived this morning. I worked a slab spoon off the boat ramp dock. Not much action is ever had. Despite all the fish carcasses I dump in to the water there. And unlike most boat ramps/fish cleaning areas. I only get an occasional fish off the docks.

Today was a weird one. My first ever 'Tail-less Whiting".  I've caught tail-less Redfish, Tail-less Trout, Redfish that had a broken back, Blind Redfish. But never a "short" Whiting. And it still ate a one ounce Slab spoon jigged off the bottom.

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