Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fish Cleaning: It's what I do.

People ask me all the time, what fillet knife do I like.

My answer is very simple, "A super sharp one"

But when it boils down to it. The Rapala knives are always a favorite and a good value.

I have several knives. But the most important thing is the "sharpening aspect".

I use the WORKSHARP sharpener. Fast, EZ and once the knife has a good hone on it, only takes 5 minutes to put a hair splitting ( fish skin) slicing edge back on a used fillet knife.


Speaking of Rapala knives...

I like having a lot of sharp knives aboard the Jettywolf. So if I got lazy and haven't sharpened a few in a while, I'll have plenty to choose from.

Got a deal on these at $29.00 for all (6) on Ebay

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