Thursday, May 5, 2016

5/5 - LOCALS

Pretty much talking to "locals" here.

I have been getting "ripped".....And I kinda knew it all along. But what could I do?

I use this anchor and it really works for me as a "all around" St. Johns River anchor.

NO, I don't throw it in the rocks at the Jetties and just forget about it. I have a cement block and a re-bar anchor for all that!

But for daily use I get by just fine using a REEF & ROCK Grapnel anchor.

Instead of getting ripped here in Jax, like many other things at local stores. Now, I'm buying my 18# Grapnel anchors from a EBAY STORE.......FREE SHIPPING at 1/2 PRICE!!!!!!!

And now I'm passing it on to you.  Here's the Ebay store link:

OFF EBAY....I find that it's even cheaper!!!  (NO FREE SHIPPING, which we all know it's not really free) Although on Ebay you have a lot of buyer protection always use PayPal.