Saturday, May 7, 2016


It was a nice cool Saturday. And it was like everyone got a new boat for Christmas. I hate weekends, but am forced to fish them. (nature of the biz.)

Took my three crew members out to float-rig fish a perfect tide (day two of strong new moon)
 Fished the floats for awhile with not a single true sniff. Went to jigs and caught a handful of yellowmouth Trout.  The weekenders were running to the beach like there was free gold bullion being given away. I had 10 dozen live shrimp.

And the shrimp was going fast with all the non-productive species; Jacks (the newest inlet invasion), bluerunners, and even horn-bellies. Everything "Jack" was eating our baits!

It was a parking lot. Boats attracting boats...."certainly NOT fish!!"

So after a few yellowmouth Trout we moved. The next spot didn't pan out either.

Time to change zip codes and get outa here. So into the river we went and then into Hiway I-95.
The dreaded intracoastal waterway. Ghetto cruiser ally!  A constant stream of wake makers. But now the tide was almost high. The tide was strong our only saving grace.

BAM------BAM, Trout and even a TRIPLE-HEADER!  Two good Trout and a actual keeper Redbass at 18" exactly.

I was a good rally of Trout and another Redbass (small pup), add in a few Ladyfish as the tide died and there was our day.  10 dozen live shrimp gone!  It was noon, now.

They cleaned up well. despite all the traffic and ghetto cruisers "everywhere" I was amazed we even caught what we did.

               (don't have any idea what that pose was....)

             (these boys need to work on their fish poses)

                            ( I coached this hold.....)

                             (missing a crew member)

SUNDAY 5/8 - taking Mom out for Mother's day. Where and what? Haven't a clue just yet.

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