Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/27 -'s the season folks.

First trip today was a 2 hr. Kids Trip, with Dad and two little shavers (maybe 4 & 5 years old). At 7am we pulled away and went to White Shell and caught a Puffer, Catfish, and Pinfish. Tide was slack. That was the problem, there.

At 9:30, I had Brian and John coming aboard, for a mid-morning till afternoon trip.



THE WEAPONRY:  New TRUTH S.S. Reels  /  30# braid

I anchored up, rigged the first bait, and here it came behind a wall.  B-I-G rain!
I asked Brian and John, "wanna sit thru it, or run for cover?"
We ran for cover, which wasn't much cover at all. The "old" Sisters Creek bridge.
And soon there was 10 of us attempting to hide under it. As the current and winds pushed, making it very difficult to grab a dry spot. "We got soaked!"

The rain passed, the sun popped out, so we headed back to the fishing spot.
"What a way to start the day!"

The wind Blew. ENE, and will blow till at least Thursday because of a "Tropical" item in the Caribbean.  Which is kinda good. I like it when summer slacks and the transition starts, and it usually happens with storms.

(I just don't want any storms to target Louisiana, this year)

Bull Redbass. While the tide ran right.  24 pounds.

A Redbass, which was coaxed by my obvious jigging the bottom, when it slammed
the piece of cut Pogie in 43' of water.  19 lbs.

We had a Bonnethead Shark after the tide turned and a few nibblers. But that last of the falling tide was the ticket for us.

We left at 3pm, Brian had a plane to catch to get home, and John had a several hr. ride back to Savannah, Ga.


Sunday morning:

8-10am  Kids Trip.  "getting the future Junior Anglers started"  

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