Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31 - Been a long time......

Yep, I usually don't go thru this "loosing", till at least October.

But so far, I've re-scheduled two charters already because of this (at this time) no name storm in the Gulf. It's costed me over a GRAND already!!!!!

It's been a long time since I've had so many days kicked out, because of weather.


Which can be a good thing, because fishing is so much better from here on out and even if there is storms. Because we need them.

To turn over the water, give us much needed rain, that eventually find it's way into the St. Johns River, make the Trout go nuts (fingers crossed) and the bull Reds hopefully get pushed out into the Ocean at the Jetties and make them so much more pleasant to fish for versus sitting in that screaming tide inside the river.

-can ya just imagine how relieved Louisiana is?

I even love it when the Croakers are knee deep at the Jetties. They are so fun to catch on a vertically jigged micro jig.

In just the past two days.....
I've changed the bow roller on the boat trailer
changed out the trailer winch
fixed and ordered new Nav. side lights
and had a trailer tire fixed

....and SOLD 3 reels, and sent a reel back to the distributor for replacement because it was brand new. and was faulty.

I always have plenty to do, even when I'm not physically fishing. Just keeping everything, Ship-Shape!


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