Sunday, January 22, 2017

1/20 - A GREAT $35 INSHORE REEL - Book your charter Today!

"JETTYWOLF LIVE" - I really like the Shakespeare ATS-15, small High Speed, Graphite, auto-engaging $35 reels for general inshore fishing for my charter boat.
These reels are not new, they've just been "RE-INTRODUCED:. Before they were called the ARSENAL "ARG-15" when they re-named them, ATS, I called it: "Arsenal-Try-Secondary", because Shakespeare being the lower end of the PURE FISHING mega Company tackle conglomerate, can't really find it's way in the fishing reel world it seems to me. Ugly Stik rods is the only thing they've ever had going for them.

But these reels fill a niche. They are almost like a Abu Garcia Ambassador size wise, do about all the same thing, and DON'T COST $150!! Like Some Ambassadors have become.

They don't corrode up in saltwater. They are 2-bearing reels. They have a non-disengaging levelwind, they are 5.1:1 gear ratio (which is fast for a reel like this), they have a good drag as long as you "Grease" the drag washers. And for my customers, they just plain WORK" on my charter boat, without taking me to the bank, matched to a Shakespeare Ugly Stik 7' med. Light Action Striper rod.

I love a "combo" I can put together have 6-8 of them, and they just plain work, and I end up liking them way better than many High Dollar reels I have, because of the "work horse" nature of the reels and rods.

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