Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/24 - What's inside that Racor Filter...Any Magic?

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Capt Dave was changing out his Racor Filter and wondered, what is in this thing that "separates" the Fuel and Water? Is there some Magic going on?

Come to find out, his well used Racor Filter used before his Suzuki 250 HP Outboard motor was soggy wet inside, and he saw no magic.

In today's world and the gas that's not really "gasoline" as we know it, anymore. The decision was made to start changing these filters out every six months. Believing a year is way too long. Even though his boat doesn't sit much, and new fuel is added to to the tank weekly.

This was part of the maintenance he's doing, a complete "Top to Bottom" go over, while things are slow during the winter ,months.

Next up? Leaning post Upholstery. 

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