Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/7 - not good!!

last charter I joined the winter time club....the Sheepsherder Club.
I let the float-rigs and live shrimp on land and took fresh dead shrimp and a folgers can of "fiddler crabs".

Here's the out come;

Thats it....2 fish. (A Black Drum and one Sheepshead)

I had these bites set the hook and gave the rod to my guys and they reeled them in.
Did they ever feel their own bites? Once, maybe twice....
Yep, the day was less frustrating for me, thats for sure. No running all over trying to find trout over 14 inches, and a spot with no mangrove snappers infested on it.

We stayed at the jetties all day long.

I have to say, sitting on my coolers leaned back relaxing is a sure way of not catching a Sheepshead, unless your name is Capt. Fred Morrow.

You have to activly fish. Stand up and watch your rod tip.

So if you want to Sheepshead fish. Ya need to get with the plan.

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