Thursday, June 15, 2017

6/15 - Shimano's USA vs. JDM "triton like" reels:

SHIMANO "Triton like" USA versus JDM
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Capt Dave, a true Tackle Junkie discusses in a lengthy video the big differences in the Shimano Trition like "Graphite, Levelwind, Star Drag" Shimano series of reels.

The version sold in the USA, versus the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) styles, features and build qualities of each.

As a huge fan of the workhorse, Shimano TR100-G in which he owns at least 20 of. He started to see a whole lot of "similar style" reels sold on Ebay. But, when it boils down to it. The similarities, are far apart when it comes to the typical Japanese engineering and "Bells & Whistles.

In this video here, it's the first set Capt Dave bought. And wonders why and what "Aji-matic" is. And is the dial on the side a tension setting or is it a mag cast control?

This video shows another set of "Triton Like"" reels called the Shimano Titanos, and also has a "Aji-matic" drag.....BUT ALSO A OFFSET REEL FOOT! Why?

He wishes he could find a Japanese interpreter at least, who could read the instructions, if not a person in Japan who could explain the "Aji-matic drag and offset reel foot" of all these reels.

These new reels. The Shimano Titianos will be pressed straight into service. And the price was right for such a Triton like reel thats brand new, versus the prices these reels are getting today even in the USA versions with zero "bells and whistles".

But thats what makes the USA version of the Shimano TR100-G reel so good. No bearing to get rusty. Not much to ever break. Very non-corrosive, being a Graphite body.

Capt Dave just loves this series of reels. Like seeing the different "flavors" offered in Japan. And hopes you learn along with him. About the differences in the USA market and Japanese market.

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