Monday, June 19, 2017

6/19 - here's a few......

why I  have no idea, but why do all my charter trips get all clumped together?
Versus, being spread out.  I'll go 4-5 days with zero, then all of a sudden it's 5 booked dates in a row. It's all about the ebb and flow of the public.

So, here's a few pics of the last few days

-took out some local kids on Fathers Day and we wore out the Mangrove Snappers on just dead shrimp over some rocky bottom in the river for 2 hrs on my 2 hour Kids fishing trips. ( it was hard to get them to actually hold the fish for a good photo)  

-fed the hell out of the nuisance Mangrove Snappers on my Trout spots, to get this one 20" fat Speckled Trout caught by Bob today.  After trying for hours in the morning to get his son a bull Redfish in the river, which only yielded a big Whiting, and Seabass. 

After this Trout, they had a handful of Jacks, on the Float Rig, before I called it quits because of the darkening sky and threat of rain.
(which seems to be a daily occurrence) 

The threat of rain, wind and ''getting very wet'' is a daily deal now every single day.

Getting the top built on the boat has me counting the days till JULY 6TH!!!!
When I take the boat in to spend a lot of money!