Saturday, June 3, 2017

6/2 - NOT far enough....One B-I-G fish

Yesterday had 3 great guys as a crew.  Was supposed to be 4. But the 4th punked out.

Headed straight to the near by Shrimp boats outside the inlet. Had bait already and was ready to get some line burner hook ups on big Blacktip sharks, to warm my crews muscles. least that was the plan.

2 shrimp boats later and NOT A SINGLE TAKER!!!!!!!!!!!
are you kidding me?

Life in bazzaro world Florida. Can it get any more wacko?
Yes, folks, this is what I have to put up with. This is my life.
NEVER EVER, is there a "certain".

So, off we go in search of live Pogies for the well. Okay, I get those in 7 feet of water. Not a big deal.

The ocean was slick flat calm. So I put in a set of ledges just short of the Pablo Grounds area offshore. And we take off.

This is the first time I have Pogies in the well for live bait, offshore. I'm thinking we're gonna have some good action.

We get to the set of ledges and there's people all over. Not on the spot...."TILL I TOSS A MARKER JUG ON IT"", then it's swarm, swarm, swarm!

2-3 other boats just start fishing the area because of my jug!

We just drift fish. The Pogies produce DIDDLY SQUAT. Can you believe that?
One fella uses some Madia jigs and he's catching fish. Not super fish, but more than live Pogies.

So, myself and the other two. We switch to bucktails and live Pogies. Yep, not much. A few Seabass...

Morale:  THESE JIGS WORK!!!  Just drop and vary the distance off the bottom with the rod. Drift these up and down off the bottom.
Oh yeah...CUDA'S LOVE THEM!  That's what the big fish hook up was on one of these jigs.   NO bait required.

We catch damn near nothing worth keeping at this "close in" locale. The sharks came in and were eating everything. 

So we left. And headed back inshore to fish the jetties/inlet.

We get there and a sure "HERE'S YER SIGN" is No one is around!
We get no action at all.

I head up into the river. Last of the rising tide. I go to a spot where I've caught lots of over sized Redfish.

And we get........

25 pounds worth of KICK ASS, on light tackle......."using a live Pogie!"

Arron's 1st ever BULL REDFISH.

The skies were getting dark to the west and the radar showed a storm coming.
So we beat feet back to the dock.

What a day.

Guess ya got to go at least 20 miles offshore to get anything decent.  Maybe another slick day.......

Saw this coming in the inlet, heading into the Navy base. Kinda cool.


In the plans/works. Via Frattle welding here in Jax.
Working on a plan to get something similar to this:

for my boat, the JETTYWOLF.  Basically, a "double the size" of a regular T-top.
But not a T-top.  REALLY can't wait.  Wish it was tomorrow. But probably a month away.

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