Monday, June 5, 2017

6/5 - as usual in summer

As usual in summer, its a tough road to hoe inshore on the weekends. (especially Holiday weekends)

I'm back to "float rig fishing" shrimp. The bait has been beautiful.  Yes, there's only certain spots that really produce good fish, if we have the right tides.

Bottom fishing has been very slow. Bull reds are a possibility in between all the stingrays.

Here's a few pics of the last few days:

Black Drum from jetties

Float-rigged Flounder

More to come. Some Spanish Mac trolling class and float-rig how-to class coming up on Friday. Teaching a local guy.

Just need to run into more Trout, and get slick calm days for taking the fishing bow out on the reefs to hunt Spadefish. And while there..."slow jig."

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