Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th Holiday "season", best and worst!

Every single year, I deal with the same exact thing. Vacation people, wanting me to produce miracles in the middle of summer in this heat.

Year in year out, it's the same thing.

"I want this...."  My answer: "Come back in December!"

Then at the boat ramp. There's the "I own the boat ramp" crowd, and the ""it's all about me, me, me crowd.  AKA: "boat ramp idiots".

YES, this week can be the worst Holiday of the entire year!  

And at the same time my busiest. Some folks  learn to P-L-A-N, and reserve their charters a month in advance instead of calling me the day before.

I also battle N-O-T being a "deep sea party boat" this time of year.

No, I don't go "deep sea fishing", and No, I don't take 8 people.

I know, everyone has bored to tears relatives and friends visiting. So over a cooler of beer and some BBQ, they figure..."lets go deep sea fishing!"

-whatever that is. I really don't know.

(Justin, Sally and myself, boxed a 15 Mangrove limit
while fishing just one spot, plus a Sheepshead.) 

Have not taken many photos over the last week (Hate my new phone and the way it deals with photos!) but here is what I've been doing the most of.

Adults and a few "kids trips". Mangrove Snappers, lots of Black Drum, throw in a summer Sheepshead. Some Yellowmouth Trout, Whiting, too many 4" seabass, piggyperch, and pinfish.  

Disposing of many hooks and sinkers at the Jetties one day. Because the place is a complete Shark fest!  No need to go out there thinking it'll be anything different.  Dead shrimp even gets hook ups on Spinner Sharks!
All I do is stand there and re-rig rods for hours while watching tackle disappear.

(JETTY Black Drum, in between the Sharks )

Lots of "pup" Black Drum around. But not a whole lot make the slot size.

Tried Trout fishing way up river one day. That was futile!! 

My new slogan is, Mangrove (invasive) Snappers, if ya can't beat them, join them. 

Which is another way of saying. "box them!"  Right now a 5 per person limit shouldn't be difficult for anyone. They are damn near carpeting the river and you WILL NOT be able to get away from them! 

So, thats my story prior to the July 4th Holiday, let's see how it'll be when things go back to normal.

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