Saturday, July 8, 2017

JULY 6, 7, 8th.....HOT

On the 6th had Dave C. ad his 10 year old grandson out, again. (twice this month)
First time was a few weeks ago and we "slayed" the Mangrove Snappers on live shrimp in the river.  This time the Mangroves were hard to find in any numbers. But we still caught a bunch, they were just kinda small to keep. Plus we had several pup Black Drum, Flounder, and Lane Snappers!  The action was good, fishing just live shrimp on light gear.

Here's a pic of a few:

On the 7th, I had Paul & Charlie from Tenn. (VIDEO COMING)
We hit the inlet with the "hardware". Trolled planers and spoon and had Spanish Mackerel and lot's of 5 pound Jack Crevalles. We tried bottom fishing a little while, there really was no bite. So we packed it in on a 1/2 day trip.  On the video I'll show you what NO ONE does any more.

It's so fun and especially "effective". If you have kids or newbies aboard. This can be a way to show them some all out mayhem, in the saltwater fishing world.

On the 8th I had Big Tom and his son Joseph aboard from Utah.  Joseph was the "hot rod".  We had Redfish up to 20 pounds. And even the first one small enough to keep since last winter!  Coming in at 26 inches.  99% of all my Redfish are all over sized, especially this time of year.

We also had 4 pup Black Drum that came in at a 1/2" short, and many other assorted bottom feeders, such as some Croakers, Seabass, etc.

This 20# Redfish had a wound. It looked to be a Shark bite. But was healing over.

Here's a 28-1/2 incher, that was promptly released.

The 1st "keeper sized"" Redfish aboard the JETTYWOLF in months.
A perfect 26 incher. That turned into a late lunch at Singleton's Seafood Shack in Mayport, after being caught just a few hours before. "That's really fresh seafood!" 

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