Friday, March 2, 2007

3/2 - Reschedules, New's Page, and Your replies.

Well, lets see. I had a fella and his daughter scheduled for today....(first day of possible trout keeping) and this trip was a reschedule from last week. So we're on our third possible day, now.

Obviously we didn't fish today, "I didn't care....I own a rain jacket", but I gave him the opportunity to ask about rescheduling, as I always do. I let my customer pick the days.

That was some really BIG RAIN, we just had. And the wind seems intermittent though, as the storms pass thru.

(Capt Dave & Long Time client Ken Simpson pictured)

But per a conversation I had with a woman on the phone the other day, she asked if i had a schedule of days that are reserved already for the month, I said, "no I don't have that on my web site..........YET!"

So I put it up on my NEWS PAGE! But understand that there is always a "revision date" above it and things are seriously subject to change. But it'll give you a reference point at least.

PLUS, I put a schedule of events up there also. And mention bad tide dates, Holiday's and possible other dates of interest.

Your replies to my question; "does anyone read this Blog page?" was pretty numerous.

I think so far I had 16 replies, and comments total.

I appreciate them all. Iwas just what I needed to know.

Only one person liked the old "Forum" better.

And one person mentioned that you may have to refresh the page because your computer cashe's the page (remembers it) and you possibly may not see the most recent post, unless you hit "refresh". I said that sounds I asked my local computer guru, aka: Dad.

The reason that may happen is because "you" are visiting this Blog by way of your address bar on top of your screen in your Internet Explorer. NOT THE BEST WAY TO VISIT AN EVER CHANGING WEB PAGE, Dad said. Visit this page the way I was hoping "potential clients" may by via my web site. That's what kinda twerped me off about the forum when I had it. No one went to my web site, just the forum. And consistently missed the new recent catch page photos, the weather links, the rates & policies page. I knew that because, I'd get an e-mail about the report and a question at the same time concerning pricing, and where do I fish, from someone who stumbled thru and found the forum, and thought it was my web site alone. And the funny thing is I hardly ever advertised to the public just the forums address out in Cyberspace. So how that happened 20 times was beyond me.

As a regular viewer, yes you can come right here. But if you find the same report on top of the page you saw last week, it's because your computer just (CASHE) "memorized that page", and brought you to it as fast as it could, rather than returning via the newest page on this Google blog server. (does that make sense?? I hope so.)

You can easily page down and see the whole months reports, that's how I have it set up as per the months. If you want to read an old January report, it'll say January along the side bar of this page with a direct link to the archives I have produced over time.

Whewwwww.....that turned out to be a bigger mouthful than I intended.

Lets go catch us a mess of the Speckley Bastards!!!!!

Check the dates already reserved on the NEWS Page, and give me a call so we can hook up (pun indeed intended)

Damn, I'm ready to get into a riot of Trout mixed with Redbass, and toss in a 7-striped Jetty Snapper when the tide slows up.


"Inshore light tackle fishing is more one on one with your target species than offshore trolling, or even firing a bait down deep over a reef, in my book. Part of the offshore equation is just getting there, in the first place, and I'm not really a boater at heart, I'm an angler.

Inshore, just putting the boat in the water means; you're already there. Which equated to me, I can go more often.

Subtleties in your presentation, finesse, accuracy, small hooks and light leaders around massive structure, industrial waterery habitat's, patches of hard bottom under the shallows all make the challenge for me relaxing as well as frustrating at times. But because I fish my own back yard means I can go fishing more, and satisfy my addiction. And that's what I really suffer from isn't it? A very bad addiction."

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