Saturday, May 5, 2007

5/5-6 Un-timely Tides

Man, I love my boat. (just had to throw this in) because I received this pic in an e-mail from one of our group charter participants from last month.

Alright, it's May. The weather is so far so good. The Trout are chewin' in the river, the Cobia have showed up. Pogies have been spotted behind the surf. The Greenies (aka: Threadfin Herring) are readily available at the jetties. Sharks are on the beach, and I'm sure there's some Redbass on the bait pods for a change of pace. And the Jacks are getting larger. And at the same time FUEL is getting outrageous again. Because It's SUMMER. Which is a great excuse.


I want a few of those GIANT 6" Shrimp (pictured above) that B&M bait and tackle had back in March and April. I wanna catch a Cobia on a live shrimp on a Float-rig.....sounds funny huh? That's what people think when ya tell them about Jetty Tarpon on a Float rig too. But that easily happens. IF, you're on the ball like me to be fishing with a Tarpon capable hook, rod and reel when they are around.

* G. Loomis - 9' Pelagic series, 15-30# fast/medium heavy rod

* Shimano Tekota 500 levelwind w/ 350 yards of Power Pro


Nothing going on this weekend with me.

As with most events in this town, I guess I'll get some late notice callers from when the TPC starts. It's this town, I always say. It's not like we're a real tourist destination by any means. Maybe some day...maybe.

I did do some boat maintenance, and made some "summer-time" modifications, in case I have to put some bigger baits in the live wells. And took the small cast net out of the boat and put in the bigger Pogie net.

Tides this week: are slow and there's not a low-tide that's good and fish-able, during normal human fishing hours, till later in the week. But I'll probably go Monday or Tuesday anyhow.

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