Saturday, June 30, 2007

6/30 -end of June and here comes mayhem....

Wheww....if today "a Saturday" is any evidence
of what is to come this holiday weekend coming up.
It'll be all out MAYHEM on the water ways.

You should have seen the idiot I saw at the boat ramp today as I was getting ready to clean fish, while my charter was up at the rest rooms.
I wanted to shout to this guy, "why don't you at least PRETEND to know how to drive a boat", after he waked the whole place with a 4 footer, then did two attempts to pick up some girls sitting drinking on the dock (against the law), first attempt in his Ghetto Cruiser boat was a near miss of slamming the rig up and over the dock, second attempt was a direct hit! T-BONING the side of the boat on the corner of the dock. I heard CRACK as the fiberglass crushed. His ding-dong buddy said..."Man there ain't even a scuff!" Yeah, but inside the hull and all around the impact zone I'm sure was spider webbed and cracked like glass!

Personally, I laughed. And find idiots at the dock amusing as hell, but certainly didn't appreciate the 4 foot comer he sent in between the two floating docks.
And as ole Frank Sinatra sang, "THE BEST IS YET TO COME......" THIS 4TH OF JULY.
I had a really great crew today. Craig Wicker and his daughter Kaylee. She's a gal going to college on a golf scholarship. And my kinda young anglerette. Talented in Golf obviously and knows her way around a fishing rod too.
We left out at 7am, and had an incoming tide most of the day as I played "chase the moving water" up river. Which worked good at some spots, not so good at others. But they caught fish.
First it was Trout and Mangrove snappers. Then another trout or so, and Jack Cravalle.

As the theme of the day was PILINGS!
That's all we fished, during the incoming.
The weather was GREAT, the wind was almost non-exsistant this morning, the water was glassy, and we had a ton of FUN.

Even got chased off one set because of NATIONAL SECURITY, can ya believe that??
Tieing off to a bridge piling is in VIOLATION of a Federal roadway/bridge, says a security guard, per the wisdom of the "rock smart", Coast Guard. Ya' know, haven't we put up with enough bullshit? Can't judgement and common sense be used instead of violating a tax paying American citizens fishing rights? The harassment these days is just uncalled for. The feds "knee-jerk reaction" to all of this has the wack-job terrorist winning, and the feds fell right into their hands. My taxes bought that bridge, and now I'm looked at as a potential Terrorist? The Federal Goverment can kiss my ass, is all I have to say!
So we moved on, up river, following the tide.
And I eventually hit one of my favorite spots as the tide changed there.
And it was game on.
Overall a pretty damn good day considering all the river traffic, and fishing an incoming tide. (not even close to my favorite in the summer!)

15-20 Speckled trout to 5 pounds and 25" (fish in photo)
10 - Mangrove Snappers some were real nice fatties
1- small Flounder
Jacks, Ladyfish.
I have time to get ready for the Holiday next week, and plan on going north a few times to fish a good place for 4 passenger trips and kids.
Man it was H-O-T by the afternoon. And then of course the wind was HOWLING by the end of the day, as we cruised comfortably back to the dock in my battle wagon fish catcher, called the CAPTDAVES.COM-sport fishing machine!
I think the Wicker Crew are now possible, Float-Freaks too!

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