Monday, July 2, 2007

7/2 - In the Sound

Had Dave Hogan, Dan, Fran, and Lon on board today.
Lon looks really excited as he holds that big Pompano, huh?
That maybe because an hour later he was loosing his lunch!. It was pretty calm by Nassau Sound standards.
We left out at 7am, and ran the ICW up to the sound. Once I found the Whiting they were small. All of them. Although bountiful. But before we caught the first one, Lon caught that big Pompano.
We also had Jacks, a mini Spadefish, a few Ladyfish, and a few small sharks.
The name of the game was small fish. I just didn't get it. Everything was a copy of the next. But we had a good rally for a while. Since changing up our tactics and location was out of the question. When I got all the way up to Nassau Sound from the Mayport Boat ramp, we're there for the good, the bad or the ugly! Because once invested in the area, there's no, just leaving to try someplace else.
We ended up with 25 or more Whiting, and 4 Pompano that were our target species. Which yielded a big bag of small fillets. But fantastic fillets for the fryer, and some really good eatin'.
Came back via the Ocean instead of the ICW because it was nice and half the distance back to the boat ramp.
Incoming tide most of our day, 4 passengers, it was a Nassau Sound kinda day for sure.
Next up.... back to river fishing tomorrow. Another incoming tide morning.

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