Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31/07 - Ate by the Alligator!

Holy Mother Of All Creatures, Big & Small !!!!

If only I had a crystal ball. Because today, out with Jeff and son Dillon, was like I was in Bazaro World. By no means was it the sweetest day of December weather-wise. But at least it would have been nice to give away a live river cricket to a gamefish or two, especially some nice Trout, like I had with 3 guys on the 27th.

Between myself and every other fisherman I talked too out there today. It was the same deal. Loads of bait, no fish to eat it.

We tried the jetties, the back waters, the river, under docks, along rocks, and back to the jetties again.

Also known as the "World Tour of fishing". I probably used more gas today, looking for fish than I have in the last 6 trips. We were all over the place. And when I change zip codes and there still isn't a change in the "bite"'s a "Here's yer sign" kinda day. Here come Mr. Alligator!

I even went and made the trip to my "double whammy secret winter trout creek". Totally reserved for deep winter, tough days. We did have a big fish hooked up, but Jeff had it break the line right at the hook. Something was funny about that whole deal too??

We did have one small Bluefish, and one small Speck, and this one Sheepshead Dillon caught along a breakwater wall on his shrimp and float-rig.

It wasn't a float fisherman's day. But I wasn't gonna sit and stare at a rod tip either and bottom fish. In the creeks at low tide it was bait stealers galore. Literally, every single shrimp was ate off the hook with out them hardly noticing.

Is the impending weather at fault?

It's gonna be really cold this week. Unlike last year the first week of January, where it was 80 degrees.

But according to my log book from January 2007,
by the middle of the month the Specks had about dropped off the face of the earth. And for two weeks, it was one hard day after another, till the end of January to find quality Specks.
I hope it's different this year. Because in one month, they'll be closed for harvest. (February)

I did all I could today, short of fishing my butt off. And doing what I see so many other guides do.....forget they have customers, and fish and fish away......

Instead I tried to work with Jeff and Dillons technique. I did the "10 drifts and we're outa here" deal, if no bites. I worked an area, start up here, then move back there.
Nothing worked.

Sometimes ya eat the Alligator, and sometimes the Alligator eats you!

I have to check the barometer. Something was funky today. It never got better, and never got worse. It just was dead slow all day.

Suppose to fish on Thursday. The forecast is for 25 degrees in the morning, and probably high winds. I suppose we'll be re-scheduling the first trip of 2008, and doing all I can to forget the last trip of 2007.


That huge fall, and then spike was TODAY.
(that can't be good)
hmmm, I think I found the Alligator that ate us!

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