Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1/2/2008 - His name is D.O.A

Well, not much to report....all ya have to do is walk outside. And that's yer report.
The huge weather occurrences are obviously easy to forecast, ever notice that?
But the slight things, like wind direction, speed are the tough ones. So, the weather guessers surely got this one right. It's really really cold.

I was standing in front of B&M bait and tackle yesterday, along with 50 other people on "customer appreciation day", which is always New Years day. Eating some of the best food I've ever eaten out-of-doors. Fried Grouper, Snapper, bbq ribs, greens, salads, beef, venison, chicken, corn bread, tater salad, brownies, cookies, stews, you name it....Each year I look forward to this on New Years day. The B&M folks, Rusty, Tracy and Patsy do it up right, along with help from customers who bring some superlative dishes for everyone.

If you're reading the blog, but not from here. Today was the start of a massive cold blast to hit Fla. Winds are gusting to gale force, the high temp is 40 on my back porch, and this morning it was even colder. The wind gusts have the temp feeling like it's 30 degrees...this morning it must have felt like in the teens. I've fished in some cold windy days (which can be seen here on this reports blog) but C'C',on....This morning had to brutal.

Not what we're used too. And 99.999% of us don't fish in. Because we're too used to nice warm days. (60 degree at least)

Yesterday, while at B&M bait and tackle, I was standing there talking to all my friends with a long sleeved T-shirt on and shorts. AND SWEATING in the sun.

I was invited to go fishing with a friend yesterday. Not even thinking about the cold and wind, I replied, "I have errands to run, or I'd go". Well, I just got back from B&M where I stopped in to say hello. Come to find out, this guy went fishing!!! According to J.B. that works at the bait shop.

"Dave, your cohort went fishing this morning", said J.B.
"WHAT????" I replied.
"Yep, and he left out real early, like 15 minutes after we opened this morning at 6am." said J.B.
"Holy Crap. Yeah, he invited me and I told him I could go after 9am, but he said that was too late. I said to him, man it's gonna be cold and he said, Oh well I'm gonna run the boat, anyhow"
"So how did he do?" I asked J.B.
"he's crazy.....But he caught himself some Trout!!!"
"Wow, that's one tough dude" I replied. "almost makes me wish I could have gone too."

His nick name; "D.O.A. Rob"

He's a fellow year round Speckled Trout chaser, and has now gained even more respect of mine.

He's my kinda guy.

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