Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9 - Found some ole notes

Went and gassed up the boat this afternoon, and forgot all about the notes I had in a pad, where I track my fuel usage/engine hours. As I pumped my measly 38 something gallons in the boat for the $115, I handed the attendant. I looked at my fuel book and saw some interesting tid-bits.

I found these notes intriguing because they were from last spring and early summer, but last year.

Here's a few for comparison:

1st Jack Cravalle of 2007 on 3/23 at 5 pounds.
1st Jack Cravalle of 2008 on 4/4 at 1/2 pound.

3/26/2007 the ICW water temp was 71 at mid day falling tide in ICW/Little jetties area.

3/27/2007, we caught the years first Pompano.
This year I still haven't caught my 1st jetty pompano yet.

By 3/31/2007 we had (2) Pompano that day, at 2.5 and 4.5 pounds on the Boga-grip.

Saw first Manatee in my stomping grounds on 4/10/2007
As a matter of fact, on Sunday 4/6/2008 I saw a Manatee off the Navy Base in deeper water on the surface heading EAST.

4/13/2007 - caught First Ladyfish of the year.

4/24/2007 - seals went bad in my trailer hubs.....Get those fixed!

4/26/2007 - The Redbass were Ballistic inside the north Jetty on Jig-N-Shrimp combo meals.

4/27/2007 - Gas was $2.93 a gallon.

4/28/2007 - had (10) Specks 18-23" with (5) over 20" in one spot, by myself, then went home.
Salinity where I was fishing was 22 Part Per thousands.

4/30/2007 - had (3) under 20" Trout, and (6) - 5 plus pounders!

5/3/2007 - Pogies starting to show on beach, but very scattered.

5/3 to 5/11/2007 - Really bad winds, up to gale force for a week, straight!

5/18/2007 - starting to catch perfect sized Black Drum on my Trout spots.

5/21/2007 - Perfect day! Loads of nice Trout, ending the day with a 6+ pounder at the least likely spot.

5/22 to 5/26/2007 - 15-20 knots of wind ever day.

5/26/2007 - went out on last day of big wind solo and caught (8) Trout (limits), (12) Black Drum (Limits), (1) Flounder......on Float-rig and Jig-n-shrimp. ya should been there!

5/29/2007 - Fuel back over $3.00 again....someone farted.

5/30/2007 - 15 knot winds from the east, but still had a great day, no current to speak of but had loads of Trout and Drum, and Trout to over 5 pounds.

6/5/2007 - another great day, good amounts of Trout and Drum, in 20 knot west winds.

6/6/2007 - all the super bad BlackTip Sharks flying through the air upon hook-up at the jetties. Dead Pogie, heavy tackle and hold on!

6/10/2007 - Fuel back under $3.00 a gallon, now.....fart dissipated.

6/15/2007 - Good day....loads of trout limits, (5) drum, (1) Flounder and (6) Reds.

6/21/2007 - Big Front passed with lots of rain and wind and completely shut down where I was catching the Trout, Drum and Reds. Just (1) 30" Red, (2) Trout, (3) flounder...ut oh!! (2) Mangrove Snappa's. My Favorite.....NOT!

So, ya wanna learn more about fishing the local waters? Then I suggest you make yourself a nice little note book. And sketch in the High and Low points as you go fishing. I didn't write every thing for every day, but it sure is neat to look back.

But after looking at last years notes, I can see things are a bit slower on the "git-go" so far this spring, for me.

Not every year is the same. As a guy I knew used to say, (especially when he became very frustrated with his fishing) "I guess you have to remain Rigidly Flexible, huh?"

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