Thursday, March 12, 2009

3/12 - SPRING IS HERE....

Spring is here. BUT, just last Monday and Tuesday I sat in the river with the Creke group and the wind was 20kts and it was 30 degrees. Wow, how things change quick this time of year!!

I know the first real day of spring is on the 20th. But today, I saw the evidence.

What a huge difference this full moon has made. Right now, literally daily events will happen out there in the big blue and along the coast, and give zero notice. So you have to be paying attention.
Today, I saw a few small Cobia hanging around those "brown" Ray's that come first before the big Manta's. I tried to catch one, but they were skittish, the Cobia, I mean.

Outside the inlet on the color change, I saw millions of baby Needlefish. Not a huge fan of those Needles. But this years crop is already here.

Monster Bluefish were crashing tiny minnow sized baitfish offshore a few miles. A few came out of the water and they sure looked to be about 2 feet long.

Couldn't find a single Speckled Trout this morning at the jetties (the one area I tried) but I had my limit (4) of yellowmouth Trout in a matter of minutes. Which is a good thing.

Ocean surface temp at 2pm was 63 degrees around the jetties.

And I know this ain't no Trout.....but I still caught it on a float and a live shrimp. The best way I believe.
It's my first sight-casted Tripletail.
Yep, and exotic species for me.

I found them and had about 10 shots at several fish I saw laying on the surface as they do.
Mimicking a piece of driftwood, or weed.

The last one I cleaned was one that a customer caught on a Jig-N-Shrimp combo meal back in Greenfield creek, many years ago.

These fish cost a small fortune in fuel. Because they don't come to you. You have to go to them. Hunting them up.

By the afternoon the South Easterly wind really started to blow. And East winds and a falling tide means wind bucking the current. That right there, can shut down any bite, if your into one or hunting one. I still tried to catch a big Trout, but only found small ones.

So I headed back down river, and into the ICW. Where I caught 10 or so small 16-17" pupper Redbass. For some reason, where I often go is a nursery for them, I guess. While I'm actually hunting the ole folks home, for Brutus T. Redbass. But I did pick up a Flounder, too.

The wind was blowing so steadily and hard I gave up and went back to clean my fish and have a visit from some friends.

But this isn't the same "foul" that usually comes to see me for a cheap and easy meal.

Look, this Egret has green around it's eyes.
Isn't that usually Yellow???
This is a new guy if so.
Maybe a reverse snow bird from S. Florida??

Next up:
Saturday with three people.

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