Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/22 - Economy block, Jetty Anchor

Had a request by a fellow alloy boat brother up in Washigton, on my favorite hang-out site,

He was interested in how I rig my economy concrete block anchors, to hold a 26 foot boat in the tidal current.

So....I made him a video.

I believe (because they are so cheap) I've had a request from blog readers to also post the "how-to".

So here it is. BUT, there is definate technique to get it to hold,come loose or at least break when time to move.

I only use these in the deep winter/spring months. Come May, they go back in the shop till next winter.



Nick said...

Not 2 "chick" but NIIICE.
Galvanized Vs. Zinc'd???
Q: I recently (3 weeks ago) purchased a length of chain. I chose the galvanized over the zinc plated... It's already RUSTING!! I have other galv chain years old that hasn't rusted like this krap... WTF???

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

Galvanized is the only way to go.
Zinc plate is not for water at all.
You may have the two confused.
If Galv is rusting it's poor quality.

BTW...I lost the whole shooting match today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess nuthi is safe.
The block was so stuck, then my chain got stuck. It was where I was though. A spot that has claimed many a life of whatever comes it's way.

Block or not remember. There is no winning.

Nick said...

Just bought an 8lb Mitey Mite rigged with 6' of galvanized and 100 feet of rope... $60. Used once at the rocks... Sweet deal. Ready to "rock"...LOL

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

That's a damn good deal, but I can point to where at least 4 of my mighty-mite anchors are out at the jetties.

Or how many times I took them back to boaters world with broken tines.

They used to have a replacement program if you busted one off...I did. Allot.

Like a said. ZERO is safe out yonder.