Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4 - Testing Kodak Play Sport /boat tour

Finally, received my new Kodak Playsport water proof camera. It's actually a video camera. And of course takes "stills" too.

I hope this will be a new and exciting thing for this reports blog. Catches, tutorials, and more.
I figured out that Google Blogger will take videos straight off my computer, but they can't be very long, probably a 1/4 the length of this one. It takes quite a while for me with a wireless internet connection, to post one to youtube.  Looks as if it'll have to do, for now. 
Either way, here's a quick test  of my PlaySport camera and tour of the boat you'll fish aboard.....while at rest in her "nest", at home.

Next up:

-Wednesday 70% rain, two passengers.
-Same folks on Thursday, three passengers.

I'm hoping for some T-routz!

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