Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Let's start this report with this........

Had Tom B. and crew aboard today. As I dropped the boat in the water I shot  the quick footage you see in the video.
And thought to myself, "Ut Oh...this ain't gonna be good for anyone."

I was about a gnat's butt away from calling Tom and saying, "I fished in this yesterday,we may not be able to fish in this today."
But last night the Marine Forecast was for up to 15 knots out of the NE, so I figured what the hell....lets go!

We could Trout fish one spot. It was this or NOTHIN'. And compared to yesterday when out with Doc Miller, th tide today was going to be even worse, meaning STRONGER. And yep, it was.  (because of the new moon on the 4th.)

It constantly seems I'm battling the tides/current doesn't it?  Because I am. Constantly battling New and Full moons, and 5-6 foot tides.  (someday I'm gonna be a Gulf Coast Fisherman....someday.)

We did as good as Mother Nature would allow us. We couldn't have done any better if we were fishing with hand granades, today.
The winds just pushed us to the limit.......and WE CONQUERED. By boxing some TROUTZ!

Next up: Sunday and Monday. Sure hope the winds back off.

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