Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20 - THE "BOX"

Had Milton A. and his 3 brothers today. Been trying to get them out since Tuesday. Coming all the way down from Ohio to just fish had me saying, "we're going on's the only day I have."

So this morning in the dark at the boat ramp at 7am, the wind was howling, and it was really cold. The cold which is VERY welcome by me, was the second day of the year so far that had me even saying...."Damn, that's some cold wind."

I didn't even put the boat in the water as I usually do. I waited for the guys to show first. They hemm & haww'd but when it came down to it, they said lets go fishing. That's why we're here.

The wind was kickin hard, but we were able to fish around various spots. But I had to find big time "ACTION" to satisfy these four guys. They weren't here for "sport fishing". They wanted fish IN THE BOX!

The third spot was the ticket. The Croakers were chewing like PIRANHA.  Big ones, small ones, medium ones. I ran around the boat, taking fish off hooks, asking "is this a keeper", and the answer was yes 99% of the time, and the fish went into the box.


We finally went and made a move, attempting to get out of the wind and find other species. And what did we get into?


This spot was thicker than the last. The fish box was almost full, with just chunks of block ice in it. The Croaks were obviously addictive. "Which they are..."

The guys caught well over 100. Probably 200, but then again probably over 200 of them, as I think about it.

The "BOX", was runeth over!

We couldn't fish some places because the wind was so bad. So when handed Lemons. Make Lemonade!

And we did. I had a blast with Milton and his 3 brothers, we did alot of laughing today. Which made the day enjoyable, even though the weather was'nt, all that funny.  I believe I have wind burn, not sun burn!

Next up:  Friday - wedding party 3 boats, 3 persons per boat.  Saturday-another 4 person river trip, Monday-probably 2 person river trip.

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